Titan X Head Shaver

Close shave in seconds

Adapts to every head shape

Gentle shave without pain


VAT included.






About Titan X Head Shaver:

Lasting Precision :  Our improved technology captures more hair with every stroke, ensuring a smooth, close shave without cuts. Ideal for a precise, smooth shave.

Perfect Fit:  Discover the revolutionary rotating heads that seamlessly adapt to the contours of the head, face, neck and jaw.

6 in 1 Set:  Our versatile set includes a head shaver, precision trimmer, nose and ear trimmer as well as 4 limit combs (3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm), a facial cleansing brush and a facial massage attachment.

Fast and Clean:  Our Titan X Shaver combines easy handling with an innovative hair catcher chamber for fast, effective shaves and easy cleaning.

Safe and Painless:  Enjoy a comfortable shave without tugging, cuts or skin irritation. For an even gentler shave, we recommend using a shaving gel or foam.

Can I shave my head with this?

Yes, definitely. The shaver is specifically designed to conform to the contours of the head, providing an efficient and close shave. With its advanced technology, it is perfect for shaving your head and achieving a smooth result.

Can I use the razor on wet skin?

Thanks to the IPX5 waterproof rating, the shaver is suitable for wet and dry shaving and promises problem-free cleaning under running water.

Is this razor skin friendly?

The Titan X is equipped with advanced skin protection technology that minimizes irritation. The shaving heads are designed to glide smoothly over the skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Does it also work for beard and nose?

Sure, Titan X is super versatile and not just for your head. The set includes extra attachments so that you can shape your beard or get rid of annoying nose hairs. Practical, right?

Where does the hair go?

Cut hair collects in a special chamber under the shaving heads for easy disposal and cleaning. Perfect for use at home or on the go.


Titan X Advantages

Save money

Save money

No more visiting expensive barbers or constantly buying disposable razors.


Easy to clean

Clean thing

Easy to clean and the bathroom stays clean thanks to the integrated hair chambers.


Gentle on the skin

Gentle on the skin

Particularly suitable for sensitive skin, designed to prevent pulling, tearing, cuts or irritation.


Smooth in 90 seconds

Smooth in 90 seconds

Stop wasting time shaving and have the best shave of your life. In just 90 seconds.


Less hair. More savings.

The Ultimate Head Shaver.


What's included?

Electric head shaver

USB charging cable

Comb attachments (3-5-7mm)

Exfoliating brush

Cleaning brush

Massage brush

Nose & Ear Trimmer

Sideburn Trimmer

Is the shaver waterproof?

The shaver is waterproof with an IPX6 certification, so it can be easily used or cleaned under running water. NOTE : Avoid submerging the entire shaver in water for long periods of time or using it in the bathtub.

Can I use the shaver in the shower?

Yes, you can use our shaver in the shower because it is IPX6 waterproof, meaning it can withstand splashes and jets of water from any direction. Using the razor in the shower or with shaving gel can help hair become softer and easier to cut, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable shave. However, make sure the shaver is completely dry before storing or charging it.

Which parts of the body can I shave with it?

Designed primarily for the head and scalp, our razor is also great for a quick, easy and comfortable shave of the face, chest, back, arms, legs and more.

How do I clean my razor?

Step 1: Remove shaving head. Start by carefully removing the shaving head from the device.

Step 2: Open shaving heads. Carefully fold up the razor heads and twist to remove the middle part of the razor blade.

Step 3: Rinse under water. Hold the removed shaving head under running water to remove hair and other debris.

Step 4: Cleaning with the brush. Use the small cleaning brush to carefully remove any remaining debris from the shaving head.

Do I have to clean the blades after each use?

We recommend cleaning your razor blades after each use. This prevents dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from building up on the blades and causing irritation or infection. 

Can I also use the razor with shaving foam or gel?

Yes, the shaver can be used for both dry and wet shaving, including using shaving cream or gel for an even smoother shave.

How short does my hair have to be to use this razor?

Our Titan X razor heads are primarily used to maintain baldness. If your scalp hair has stubble for more than 7-10 days (5mm), we recommend trimming it with the precision trimmer first before using the rotary blade.

How do I charge the shaver? 

Simply connect the shaver a power source using a USB cable and this is it.

What makes Titan X better?

Our razor stands out from conventional models that usually only offer five heads thanks to the innovative technology with six shaving heads. This configuration allows more hair to be captured in one stroke, resulting in a smoother and faster shaving result. In addition, the 6D Flex technology ensures that our razor adapts perfectly to every contour, making shaving more efficient and pleasant.

What is the Money Back Guarantee?

We offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our top priority! If the product does not meet your expectations, simply return it and you will receive a full refund.

Free Shipping?

Yes! We offer FREE shipping.